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Multi Layers Cloth Fabric CNC Cutting Machine Price

Ruizhou cloth cutting machines are computerized to simulate the operation process exactly, which Rules out the interference 
from the factors of the workers' mood, knowledge, tiredness and other personal factors happened in traditional cutting,
thus avoid hidden waste and ensure the quality of product.

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Product Description

RUIZHOU CNC Cutting machines are specially designed for soft material cutting, especially in cloth cutting. 

The cloth cutting machines have been widely used in garment, clothing, apparel, textile and footwear areas.

 cloth cutting machine price


Characteristics of Fabric Cutting Machine.

1. Accurate. oscillating knife, CNC computer control and servo motor, especially Ruizhou independent developed system enssure good cutting quality.

2. Convenient. Both flatbed table and  auto conveyor table are optional. With auto feeding system, the convenience and efficiency improves a lot.

3. Compatible. Files in DXF and PLT formats are supported. And software which can export DXF or PLT files are compatible with this machine. 

4. Saving. With Ruizhou automatic Nesting system, the material utilization can be improved by 5%.

5. Knife cutting, not by laser. So it causes no burning to the materials. No smell.

6. User friendly. Operation is easy. A free training can be offered.


Technical Parameter of Fabric Cutting Machine.


Cutting speed100-1200mm/s
Applicable thickness0.1mm-25mm
Cutting MaterialsCloth, textile, fabric, PVC, PU, Leather, Carton, etc.
ToolsOscillating cutting tool
Electric rotary tool
Material fixing methodDivisional vacuum absorption
Mechanical resolution0.07mm
Software resolution0.025mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm (optional)
Interface of transmissionNetwork port
Buffer CapabilityOnce fast transfer
Command systemHP-GL and GP-GL compatible formats
Digital Control PanelLiquid crystal display and touching button
Transimission MaterialsImported staight line guide track, synchronous belt
MotorServo motor
Cutting Blade RotateVibrational cutting head 18000r/min, milling spindle motor 4000-1000r/min
Air Pump Power9KW
Machine Working VoltageAC 220V ± 22V, 50±1HZ/60±1HZ
Air Pump working VoltageAC 380V ± 38V


Tools and Functions

CNC cloth cutting machine

Different Tools For Option:

1.Driven Rotary Tool for fast cutting. 

2.Electric Oscillating Tool for fast cutting.

3.Heavy-duty Electric Oscillating Tool for fast cutting.


The Advantages 

fabric cutting machine


Cutting Effect


1. Suitable for shirt cutting and symmetric materials cutting.

2. The software are able to save the documents automatically.

3. Intelligent nesting and the materials utilization improves by 3%-5%.

4. Achieved zero manual cutting, automatic and intelligent cutting in garment industry.

5. Achieved integrates functions of checks and strips fabric cutting, printed fabric matching, collar cutting. 

6. Intelligent maintenance and management of fabric's data, intelligent recognition of sample file data. 

6. The ERP and MES system are able to plan for production automatically and intelligently, or read the files directly.

7. The machine automatic received layers'data from software. Two kinds of oscillating cutting tools for single or multi layer fabric cutting respectively.


Cutting Samples

 cloth cutting machine price

Cutting Solutions



CNC cloth cutting machine



Client showed


Now a lot of famous firms are our partners. They are using Ruizhou cutting machines.

      fabric cutting machine  


RUIZHOU requite her customers with sincerity. She wins the market with good services, build brand with good quality, strive for excellence with technology. Over the past years, RUIZHOU has received trust and praise from our customers. Our product sold to European, Korea, India, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The clients we have severed, at home and abroad, up to 5000 famous companies, such as :




cloth cutting machine price


Company Showed


Guangdong RUIZHOU Technology Co., Ltd is a national Torch Plan High-tech Enterprise, specialized in the research, development, sales and technique service of soft material intelligent CNC cutting machine.

RUIZHOU Technology has been dedicated in supplying informationized and automatic design and whole solution of intelligent production for a broad community of soft material manufacturers, which achieves  the realization of the confluence of informatization and industrialization. 



CNC cloth cutting machine





fabric cutting machine

   We take part in exhibitions both at home and abroad every year.

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