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High Productivity Haute Couture Suit Cutting Machine

Ruizhou Technology focus on the research and development of CNC knife cutting machine and related CAD software more than 25 years experience.

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Product Description 

Haute Couture suit cutting machine



RUIZHOU CNC Cutting Machine is excellent in fabric making. No matter the material is cloth or leather.

Because the cuting machine is designed for soft materials cutting, sometimes, hard material also, such as cloth, fabric, PU, fiber, corrugate board, honeycomb board, chipboard fiber board, acrylic, EVA, foam etc. it has been  widely used in bag or suit case, footwear,  apparel, garment, box, carton, package,airplane, furniture, lamp,color, print,  packing,  car upholstery, and other areas.   


Technical Parameter of Fabric Cutting Machine.




Cutting speed


Applicable thickness


Cutting Materials

Cloth, textile, fabric, PVC, PU, Leather, Carton, etc.


Oscillating cutting tool

Electric rotary tool

Material fixing method

Divisional vacuum absorption

Mechanical resolution


Software resolution

0.025mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm (optional)

Interface of transmission

Network port

Buffer Capability

Once fast transfer

Command system

HP-GL and GP-GL compatible formats

Digital Control Panel

Liquid crystal display and touching button

Transimission Materials

Imported staight line guide track, synchronous belt


Servo motor

Cutting Blade Rotate

Vibrational cutting head 18000r/min, milling spindle motor 4000-1000r/min

Air Pump Voltage


Machine Working Voltage

AC 220V ± 22V, 50±1HZ/60±1HZ

Air Pump working Voltage

AC 380V ± 38V


Tools and Functions

suit cutter machine

Different Tools For Option:

1.Driven Rotary Tool for fast cutting. 

2.Electric Oscillating Tool for fast cutting.

3.Heavy-duty Electric Oscillating Tool for fast cutting.



The Advantages 

lady suit cnc cutting machine


1.A whole piece aluminum platform.

Adopting honeycomb structure principle, it is strong, anti-corrosion, durable, sound-absorbing and heat insulating.

2.Welding stable machine structure.

The machine form was welded, avoiding the deviation caused by the vibration when it works. High stable.

3.Gear rack & Screw lever.

Adopting linear guide from Taiwan as the gear rail, ensures high speed and stable working quality and high accuracy.

4.Safety device.

Being equipped with infrared sensor and emergency stop devices at the four corners of the machine, guarantees safety.

5.Fast and convenient tools changing.

A set of advanced and fast optional tools meets different demands according to the customers' material.

6.Adopting advanced frequency converter.

It saves power by 30% when compared with others.

7. Multi-layer materials feeding shelf .

Equipped with motor and pneumatic clip, it can send 4 layers materials once at a time, precisely.

Cutting Effect



High requirement of ourselves and persistent striving for excellent, lead to high accuracy. With our laser location device and other elaborate devices the cutting machine meets the cutting precision: 0.3mm to 0.5mm.



The Oscillating Cutting Tool assures our cutting machines cut smoothly. Even very complex lines, irregular lines, can be cut smoothly. And this cutting effects can hardly be done by laser cutting machine, die cutter 

or manual workers.  



Material -- It can cut nearly all of soft materials and some hard materials. 
The Cutting thickness -- 0.4mm to 50mm, even larger, according to the material and your requirement. 
Function -- complete cutting, half cutting, dot cutting, V- cutting; line folding; marking.



The cutting machine is able to cut complex patterns with high precision and repeating precision. 



This garment plotter can cut several layers materials, and very suitable for some customized production.

Haute Couture suit cutting machine

Cutting Solutions



suit cutter machine




Customer Application


Now a lot of famous firms are our partners. They are using Ruizhou cutting machines.

RUIZHOU requite her customers with sincerity. She wins the market with good services, build brand with good quality, strive for excellence with technology. Over the past years, RUIZHOU has received trust and praise from our customers. Our product sold to European, Korea, India, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The clients we have severed, at home and abroad, up to 5000 famous companies, such as:


 lady suit cnc cutting machine

Other Application


Ruizhou CNC Cutting Machine also be used in a lot of other areas such as footwear, garment, bag & suit case, airplane, package, advertisement, furniture, lamp, box, color print, packing, car mat, apparel, etc.

Haute Couture suit cutting machine

Company Showed


Guangdong RUIZHOU Technology Co., Ltd. is a National Torch Plan High-tech Enterprise, specialized in the search, development, sales and technique service of soft material intelligent CNC cutting system.

RUIZHOU Technology has been dedicated in supplying informationized and automatic design and whole solution of intelligent production for a broad community of soft material manufacturers, which serves the realization of the confluence of informationization and industrialization, and eventually serves the implementation of the industrial transformation and promotion of Industry 4.0 from Made in China to Invented in China.



suit cutter machine





lady suit cnc cutting machine

   We take part in exhibitions both at home and abroad every year.        

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