Ruizhou Knife CNC Cutting Machine

Ruizhou New Leather CNC Cutting Machine For Sample

2024-06-15 16:28

In the constantly evolving fashion and manufacturing industry, accuracy and efficiency are paramount. Enter the Ruizhou New Leather CNC Cutting Machine(RZCUT-1016EF), a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the way samples are produced in the footwear shoes industry. This state-of-the-art machine seamlessly integrates advanced technology to meet the precise needs of shoe manufacturers, providing unparalleled accuracy and speed. Let's explore how this innovative leather cutting machine sets new standards in the industry. 

shoes cutting machine

Ruizhou leather sample cutting machine can provide cutting tools such as ZDC electric vibrating knife, AGG round knife, QDD pneumatic knife, URT numerical control milling cutter, Bevel cutter, EPT electric punching.

knife cutting machine

In the competitive world of shoe manufacturing, achieving the perfect cut is crucial. The shoes cutting machine, especially a high-precision knife cutting machine, has transformed how leather samples are produced. Ruizhou leather cutting machine ensures each piece is cut with unmatched accuracy, creating flawless patterns and reducing material waste.

Utilizing cutting-edge knife technology, our leather cutting machine delivers intricate and precise cuts, ideal for detailed shoe designs. Its versatility extends beyond leather, handling various materials like synthetic fabrics and textiles with ease. Below are the cutting samples by Ruizhou knife cutting machine. Perfectly cut samples that showcase the design’s true potential, enhancing both quality and efficiency in production.

bag cutting

Here are some adavantages of Ruzhou leather cutting machine. Experience the revolution in leather cutting with this state-of-the-art machine, and elevate your sample production to new heights of perfection.

  • For regular shape material, multi-layer cutling, punching, marking can be finished at one time.

  • Equipped with a conveyor bell, it can cut conlinuously and realize seamless concection. It meets the production target with small-batch praduction, multi orders and various patterns.

  • With programmable multi-axis linkage controller, the stability and operability reaches an advanced level domestic and abroad.

  • The gearing system of the cutting machine uses imported linear guide, gear rack and synchronous belt .The cutting accuracy reaches zero error in to and from origin point.

  • The HMI is a friendly High Definition touch screen, which is convenient and easy for learning and operation.

  • The data transmits through the standard RJJ45 network. The transmission is fast stable and reliable.

    shoes cutting machine

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