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How to choose a CNC cutting machine for your packaging company?

2023-06-08 08:49

Advantages of digital cutting

Faster, more flexible and innovative

packaging box cutting

By converting to digital, you streamline your production processes, integrate them, and create added value for your business. It helps reduce costs and simultaneously speeds up your production processes. You become more flexible and have the ability to create customized products efficiently and economically. With digital cutting and innovative technologies, you lay the foundation for future growth.


How to choose a CNC cutting machine for your packaging company?


1. The type of material you need to cut. CNC machines can cut a variety of materials, including cardboard, corrugated board, plastic, grey board, foam etc. They might need to use different cutting tools and cutting knives to achieve a better result. 

CNC cutting machines

2. The size of the parts and materials you need to cut. You might use different sizes of materials for box making. We usually take the largest size into consideration for choosing correct size of machine. Sometimes, we will consider the most frequently used material sizes as well. CNC machines can cut parts of any size, but some machines are better suited for larger parts than others. If you need to cut large parts, make sure the model you choose is large enough.


3. The kind of boxes you'd like to make. Digital cutting machine is flexible to apply different tools for making different boxes. For example:

"cutting + creasing" can be used to make standard boxes.

"cutting + Vcut" is a good combination for making gift box and thick corrugated box.

"cutting + perforating" are usually used to make fruit boxes.


4. The production efficiency you need. CNC machine can be made with one cutting head or two cutting heads, with static table or conveyor table, with loading equipment or not… The degree of automation and configuration will also affect the production speed. 

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