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How to Choose a Suitable CNC Leather Cutting Machine?

2023-05-04 14:03

Nowadays, there are more and more factories choosing CNC cutting machine for genuine leather cutting. As the development of the CNC cutting machine technology, the machines quality become better and better, especially in China. Now the machines are stable, efficienty and flexible, operation easy, materials saving… all these are reasons for people to choose CNC cutting machines. 

But how to choose a correct CNC cutting machine? Here below are some items you need to consider:

1. What type of machine do you need? 

There are two options: 

a) Laser cutting 

b) Oscillating knife cutting. 

Now oscillating knife cutting machine become more popular, because it will bring no burning or smell, no harming to the leather or the worker. 

2. What materials do you need to cut? 

After choosing the type of machine, then you need to consider what materials you need to cut, real/genuine leather, or none-real leather (artificial leather, synthetic leather, mesh fabrics…?). For genuine leather or none real leather, the machines will be different. Simply, genuine leathers are in irregular shape, so it requires a system for it, usually a camera + projector system. Therefore, there are two options for you according to your materials: 

a) Genuine leather cutting machine 

b) None-genuine leather cutting machine 

  • (Genuine leather can also cut none-leather materials).

3. Machine size? 

a) If your material is genuine leather, then what kind of leather? Cow leather, sheep leather or… 

b) If it is cow leather, then is it a full size leather or half leather?  

  • (This is for choosing a suitable size model). 

4. What products do you make? 

Shoes, bags, car seats, gloves or…? 

These will be helpful for the supplier to further confirm a suitable model.

5. Production capacity requirement? 

Do you need this machine for sample room or for mass production? 

If it is for mass production, then how many pcs do you need to cut daily, roughly?

6. Trade terms: FOB, EXW or CIF? 

The above items are basic for choosing a suitable machine. And these are also 6 basic items for the suppliers to figure out a suitable solution. If you want a quicker response with quotation, please also provide your company basic information as: 

a) Company name: 

b) Address: 

c) Email: 

d) Tel: 

e) Sea port near your factory:

What will you get? 

After confirming these, you will get a fast complete quotation, in which the following items will be included in: 

1. A suitable solution for you according to your specific information, including the cutting machine, software, possible equipment, accessories; 

2. The prices for each item 

3. Payment terms 

4. The delivery time 

5. Guarantee 

6. Installation and training 

7. Package dimension and type 

8. Parameter 

9. Configuration (tools) 

10. Consumables 

11. Photos of the cut pieces by the machine Hope these will be helpful for you.

Hope these will be helpful for you. 

Thank you

Jason Liu | Int'l Dept. Director 


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