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CNC Corrugated Carton Paper Box Cutting Machine Price

With more than 25 years in cnc cutting machine industry, RUIZHOU has become major driving force for packaging box cutting machine in China by technology innovation, and talent developing.

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Model:  RZCRT5-1813E

Cutting Area: 1800 x 1300mm

Accuracy: 0.1 -1.0mm

CE ISO                       



Product Description 

RUIZHOU CNC Carton Cutting Machine is specialized in carton, box, packaging making, especially for samples making and small production. Below is the details of CNC Carton Cutting Machine.

corrugated carton cutting machine price

Technical Parameter:
Cutting Area1800mm x 1300mm
Working CharacterThe cutting machine runs with the computer simultaneously, the data can be transfered fast, and can be used continuously.
Cutting Speed100-1200mm/s
Cutting Thickness0.1mm-50mm, can be adjusted according to the material and customers' requirement.
Cutting MaterialsCorrugated paper, Honeycomb board, Plastic, Rubber board, Greyboard, Leather, PVC, PU, Acrylic, composite materials, etc.
KnifeOscillating blade head, Milling Cutter, Hobbing Cutter, Creasing Wheel
Applicable Pen TypeCommon signing pen, Oil pen, ball-point pen, Silver pen
Mesaure to Fix MaterialDivisional vacuum absorption
Mechanical Resolution0.07mm
Software Resolution0.025mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm (optional)
Interface of TransmissionStandard parellel and serial interface
Buffer CapabilityOnce fast transfer
CommandHP-GL and GP-GL compatible mode
Digital Control PanelLiquid crystal display and touching button
Transimission MaterialsStaight line guide track/ Synchronous belt/ Imported synchronous belt
MotorServo motor
Cutting Blade RotateVibrational cutting head 18000r/min, milling spindle motor 4000-1000r/min
Air Pump Voltage7.5KW

Machine Working VoltageAC 220V ± 10%, 50HZ
Air Pump working VoltageAC 380V ± 10%, 50 HZ

The Tools and Function


cnc corrugated paper box cutting machine

The Tools and Functions of CNC Carton Cutting Machine:

1. Oscillating knife:

 It is fast, accurate and no burning nor smell.

2. Creasing wheel:

 A set of creasing wheel with four different sizes can make good folding lines according to your different  materials.

3. 45 degree cutting knife:

 This is special for V groove making when it comes to materials like honeycomb board, gray board and other  relatively thicker materials.

4. Milling knife: This is specialized for Acrylic and thin wood material cutting.

5.CCD: camera, professional for positioning for print materials. Automatic and precise.

Cutting Effect

automatic corrugated cutting machine


The cutting speed of Ruizhou carton cutting machine is 3 to 5 times the speed of traditional manual cutting, with maximum cutting speed of 1000mm/s to 1200mm/s.  It's more suitable for the customers who are receiving orders 

with diverse styles and short lead time.

2. Accurate

All operations of Ruizhou box sample cutter are computerized to simulate the operation process exactly, which rules out the interference from the factors of the workers' mood, knowledge, tiredness and other personal factors

 happened in traditional cutting, thus avoid hidden waste and ensure the quality of product.


Ruizhou carton cutting machine is connectable to many CAD software. Customers can make timely correction to the patterns during cutting, thus meeting the fast-changing market demands through quick sample making

and error correction. You are supposed to achieve 2-3 days of time advantage over your competitors in terms of correction of the same kind of samples.


The cutting machine is a computerized CNC cutting machine. All the sharp turnings can be controlled on the machine. The depth can be adapted to your needs. Nesting is more convenient and flexible. The cutting knives 

can be changed. 

Other Cutting Materials


corrugated carton cutting machine price


Other Cutting Sizes
ModelCutting SizeCutting Head & Cutting ArmFeeding (Rolling) System
RZCRT5-1510E1400mm x 1000mm1 & 1No
RZCRT5-1813E1800mm x 1300mm1 & 1No
RZCRT5-2516E2500mm x 1600mm1 & 1No
RZCRT5-2516EF2500mm x 1600mm1 & 1YES
RZCRT5-3016E3000mm x 1600mm1 & 1No

1.All the models have one standard cutting head. With a group of different knives, hobbing cutter, pinch roller and pen. It can do common cuttings for many different materials, creasing and marking.  

2.For all the cutting models one more optional cutting head can also be added according to your need. It will add three more functions: mill-cuting, v-cutting and punching.

3.Some big or long cutting machines, like RZCRT5-2516EF, can be equiped with an automatic feeding system. 

Customer Factory 


cnc corrugated paper box cutting machine

Customer Collaboration:

Excellent product quality and perfect service for us won the unanimous trust of customers at home and abroad.

Company Shows

Guangdong RUIZHOU Technology Co., Ltd is a national Torch Plan High-tech Enterprise, specialized in the research, development, sales and technique service of soft material intelligent CNC cutting machine.

RUIZHOU Technology has been dedicated in supplying informationized and automatic design and whole solution of intelligent production for a broad community of soft material manufacturers, which achieves  the realization of the confluence of informatization and industrialization.



automatic corrugated cutting machine

In order to make the product export successfully to EU, we have passed CE safety certification.



Q1. When RUIZHOU is founded ?

A1. RUIZHOU is founded in 1995, we have more than 25 years experience for cnc cutting machine. Our Boss Mr. Guo is in this industry since 1990. GUANDDONG RUIZHOU TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. 

Is registered in 2004, as a new image to be in CNC Cutting Machine industry.

Q2. What is the delivery time?

A2. It is flexible, when luckily there is stock or newly improved models or produced for exhibitions worldwide, you can get it very soon.

1> Normally, our delivery lead time is around 15 to 25 days for main cutting machine in standard.

2> If change some settings, or several sets orders to form production line, lead time is about 25-35 days.

3> For some special request or solution, we will communicate with production dept. firstly before we confirm delivery time to you. 

We hope you catch time to order in advance, not in a hurry, so we can have more time to debug strictly in factory for you.

Q3. What’s the warranty ?

A3. The warranty is 1 year, but not including the easy-worn spare parts, such as blade, mat, etc. To tell you honestly, during these years, we have been improved a lot for durability of machine from frame to function, many old clients reorder new RUIZHOU machines with old machines running normally even after 6 to 10 years! 

You can enjoy whole lift maintenance and technical consultant, support!

Q4. What’s your advantage ?

A4. 1> We are professional in cnc cutting machine more than 25 years experience, the stability and service is worth your trust;

2> Some of our technician with more than 15 years experience, some of them can speak English fluently;

3> all the machine will be tested final checked before shipping to ensure the stability, and we send video to you for confirmation.

Q5. What is configuration of your equipments?

A5. 90% of our electrical components are originally imported, in order to make sure the service life of machine and stability. The configuration detail shall be shown in our quotation. All the configuration is set more reasonably after all these years' practical experience.

You are welcome to contact us for further information!

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